Ariel Jay Newman Portrai

About Ariel Jay Newman

Ariel works primarily with oil paint on up-cycled surfaces. Ariel experiments with color, texture, and style to express her current state of mind. Her subject matter concentrates primarily on the power found in the awareness of the self, the environment, and female sexuality and leadership.

Color, texture, and form are her elemental concerns when constructing the surface of her paintings. A freely guided brush applies thick oil paint in energetic, ever-evolving layers of color. The deliberate focus on her present moment informs the variations in the placement of brush strokes, often mixing and merging her colors on the canvas as she works, wet on wet. The use of color and form in her paintings are intentionally intuitive, allowing the paint guide her to the finished product.

Born in Los Angeles in 1992, Ariel taught herself how to paint and draw from an early age. Ariel now lives in South Austin, TX. Ariel participated as a vendor in The Front Market, PancakesandBooze, and the Austin Studio Tour. She has painted a number of murals in Austin.

Ariel's Stories & Thoughts