You Can’t Keep Austin Down

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

My first mural is on the exterior of The Great Outdogs in Central Austin. The owner provided me with an 8 x 10-foot space to paint an uplifting and dog-themed mural. In the face of the pandemic, we decided that a mural that told a message of hope and perseverance was essential to the community.

I chose a strong, happy dog smiling and looking upwards to convey the message of hope. I chose a neon font to spell out the words "You Can't Keep A Good Dog Down" along with the image. I wanted a more unique font to the majority of murals out there. The neon type was a font that could stand out on its own independently of the dog. The almost neon blue in the dog’s coat complimented the font nicely.

I enjoyed painting after sundown. The mural was positioned to be viewable by both foot and street traffic. I initially thought I wanted to do the project with “paint-by-numbers” converted on my iPad to be projected onto the wall. But as I started, I realized that my style of painting with broad, swift strokes and making decisions in real-time was a lot more fun. While painting by feel and mixing onsite, encouraging onlookers watched.

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