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Unique "V"

Original Artwork & Limited Edition Prints

My work gives an intimate glimpse into the uniqueness of the female form and finding power by knowing and accepting one's own body. Starting with an abstract intention using broad strokes of color and concentrating on the shadows and shapes that the body makes when intentionally positioned, my work develops into an impressionist style. I construct my perception of the individual's unique form through the brush strokes' placement, color, and tactile experience.


We are taught that our bodies are supposed to be a specific shape, but there is an infinite diversity of shapes. Average does not mean normal and no two are alike. By revealing this diversity to women, I intend to help them connect and celebrate their uniqueness. 


“Knowing where THE clitoris is, is important. But knowing where YOUR clitoris is, is power."

-Dr. Emily Nagoski, "Come As You Are"

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